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Neighborhood Marketing and its effect on SMEs

Neighborhood Marketing is a concept that has been around for several years but is not often used. It refers to an “accessible”, Guerrilla and Street Marketing (a lot of action) and it is used mainly by Small and Medium Companies that cannot afford Professional services that generate high expenses.

In other words, it´s about knowing how to take advantage of all the tools that you have around you and being able to use them for your strategy, in order to achieve a greater impact with a lower cost. The tools of the Neighborhood Marketing are the same as the ones used on Traditional Marketing, the difference is that they are applied to a specific context, always adapting the content to the target (Content Marketing).

The goal of Neighborhood Marketing is to reach consumers and potential consumers through micro-actions, thereby generating micro-content (small moments of stimulation that attracts the consumer) influencing the user and generating brand positioning and brand awareness. In order for the objective to be achieved through these actions, you must be dynamic, decisive and flexible. However, the most important thing is to know thoroughly your goal, in order to do that, it is imperative to fully know your competition, its weaknesses and strengths. Only then you will be able to generate sustainable and realistic objectives.

Neighborhood Marketing trends for 2018 are mainly Online Strategies; the use of Social Media, Youtube and Ad Videos, storytelling and the hiring of Influencers, these actions will not generate immediate results but are profitable, sustainable in time and effective. It is very important to be present in all the channels simultaneously, in order to have my brand on my consumer´s mind at the moment of decision.

Neighborhood Marketing process:

CONNECT: Social Networks

INSPIRE: Influencers – Storytelling

REWARD: Contests – Special Offers


Other important aspects in Neighborhood Marketing:
• Have good relations with the staff of your company, generate a Newsletter and trainings, etc.
• Generate Strategic Alliances with suppliers or brands that target the same consumers.
• Generate actions of Sustainability / Responsibility / Solidarity Actions.

In essence, Neighborhood Marketing is a strategy that takes time and is not easy to implement, but once it is done, it will pay off and the results will be sustainable over time and will be effective. These strategies are and will be increasingly used for their low cost but mainly for the lifestyle of the users and their permanence in the Online World.

Source: Claudio Messina, Marketing Manager – Fantoche

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