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Video Content, protagonist

The use of audiovisual content in marketing is not something new. The last century began with the appearance of television and cinemas. At present we see it even on the streets. Videos and animations provide the user an attractive and versatile way to understand the product or service.

Often, it is difficult to promote services due to the lack of tangibility, the consumer has no dimension of what the service is about or how it works. Thanks to the videos and animations it is possible to provide specific visualizations of the services, and explain how does it work.

According to Diode Digital online video is 600% more effective than printed material and e-mail marketing combined.

Not only it is possible to share audiovisual content on Youtube or Vimeo, but now it is possible to upload videos on almost all social networks, like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. Each social network has its own restrictions, like weight or duration, but in al those mentioned it is possible to share videos or animated gif.

The advantage of posting on Facebook and Instagram is that the reproduction is automatic, in mute, so we have a few milliseconds to impact the user and attract their attention.

Another dimension to consider is the duration of the video. As the audiovisual content gained room in the marketing departments, there is a collapse in all digital medias. We have to design a short, concise and powerful video that differ from the others to get the attention of the user.

The main advantages of using video are: 

– Helps with the organic positioning.

– Increases the user attention

In addition, with the irruption of audiovisual content as a protagonist in marketing, it is possible to find many programs, easy to use, where you can create fresh and dynamic content.

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